With technology evolving rapidly, upgrading workflows, machines, systems and people to Industry 4.0 levels is an increasingly impossible task – it can be hard for business owners, decision makers and stakeholders to choose which technology, system, machine, interface or solution to choose from.

Industry 4.0 is all about data – traceability, accountability and the use of “smart” solutions to improve efficiency, quality and profitability. However with many workflows containing machines and processes which are 20+ years old the capital costs of upgrading an entire production line is prohibitively expensive and with pressing environmental concerns many decision makers are paralyzed.

LOC8 provides end-to-end solutions for bringing aging factories, processes, machines and systems into the 21st Century and ready for Industry 4.0


Industry leading solutions

Helping you navigate the implementation of Industry 4.0


LOC8  was established to provide cost effective and low initial investment solutions for businesses of all sizes to improve their readiness for Industry 4.0.

With a technical team with over 100 years of hands on experience in RFID and related technologies, and a management team with experience ranging from Tourism and Technology to Auto Industry and more – having been involved in turnarounds, grow-to-sell, IPO and startups around the world – LOC8 offers simplified solutions designed to augment, update or replace exisiting systems – without the huge capital cost normally associated.

With devices ranging from RFID, LORA, WIFI, GSM and GPS – with any multiple available – we have solutions small and cost effective enough to be used in FMCG product distribution and devices powerful enough to bring 50year old Machines into the digital age. Our solutions are flexible and modular to allow future integration of new technologies.

Our affiliated companies include core competencies in:

Software Tool Creation, Mobile game and application development, Blockchain

Allowing us to create the most future proof and comprehensive customised solution for any business.



Smart Machines:

Many conventional and Legacy machine systems are closed, rigid and difficult to connect to – relying on PLC, Scada or other architectures which can be a challenge to even find technicians able to program and work with.

The entry cost for updates, upgrades and new systems is prohibitively expensive – with high up front costs for labour, time and in many scenarios no guarantee that the system will work

Our Smart Devices connect to ANY machine interface  augmenting existing systems – changing Analog to Digital



Smart People:



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